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Being Asian-American has afforded me more privilege and opportunity than I would have had if I were white. That much is clear to me, as an adopted Chinese child raised in predominantly white communities. Even many of the stereotypes about Asians are quite positive, like being smart and diligent. I am unsure, then, if social-justice movements have overlooked Asian-Americans or if their support hasn’t been so necessary.

Recently there have been struggles with coronavirus-related discrimination. For the most part, however, Asian-Americans have thrived in the workplace and academically, succeeding more than any other minority group. This might have to do with the emphasis on a solid family structure and values of hard work, respect and grit common to Asian cultures. Whatever the cause, our group is generally recognized as belonging at the top of American society. If movements supporting struggling minority groups have turned away from the concerns of Asian-Americans, they may have had a good reason.

Originally published as a part of "Asian Americans: A Social-Justice Blind Spot?" at:


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