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MLK Reflection

MLK’s firm stance on universal, unconditional love and forgiveness for one another—including his opponents—is a persistent reminder that our political adversaries typically try to do what they believe is right. Our opponents in politics aren’t rivals just to spite the other side or attack beliefs that we hold to be true, but they are acting in a way that they believe serves the best interests of themselves and the community around them. Thus, when we are fighting for the policies and messages in the political arena, we must remember to hold our rivals to the same love and forgiveness that we express to our family and friends. As future leaders for this country, we must try our best to work with those across the aisle from us by first remembering that we are all trying to serve our country well and lead toward a brighter future. MLK’s messages have shaped my belief that revolutions within politics will be most successful when we treat others with the humanity that they deserve.


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