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I love to read books ranging from autobiographies and political commentaries to romantic narratives and science fictions

chemist. writer. activist.


I graduated with an ACS certified chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry BS degree from Hope College, Magna cum laude

I am excited to drive impact in the sectors of pharmaceuticals and chemical defense

I have researched at Hope College, New York University and Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in the field of organic chemistry



I enjoy writing for the opinion section of various journalistic news outlets

I am passionate about diverse ideas to promote constructive dialogue and freedom of expression in an increasingly polarizing world

I have contributed to the Opinion sections of the Wall Street Journal, The Anchor (Opinion Editor), The Bell Towerand The Gerald R. Ford Leadership Forum's website 

I was a student reporter for The College Fix where I focused on news within higher education


I am active in politics where I promote modern conservatism and academic pluralism

I love attending political conferences, engaging in philosophical and political theory debates, meeting politicians, and connecting with others who share the same values

I served as the President of the Hope College Republicans, co-founded the Gerald R. Ford Leadership Forum at Hope College, a member of Young Americans for Freedom and have participated in Intercollegiate Studies Institute events


Most importantly, regardless of whether I'm on our off campus, I advocate and stand up for conservative values in a public manner

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what else?

I am a former cross country and track runner who follows the sport closely

I am always down for a crazy adventure, a phenomenal music concert or some city exploration

I recently gave a TED talk at TEDxHopeCollege with a talk titled "Transforming the Culture Around Conversation at College"

Watch the talk here, start at 11:30

I love to read books ranging from autobiographies and political commentaries to romatic narratives and sicence fictions

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